Audio 2014

Unable to join us this past Sunday? Or perhaps you'd like to revisit a sermon or share one with a friend. Sermons are recorded and uploaded each week and are then available to download here.

The Need for a Savior 

November 2, 2014

Our sin, failures, and experience of injustice prove that the world is not as it should be; we need a Savior.

Scripture: Isaiah 1-5

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The Promise of the Savior

November 9, 2014

God's faithfulness and goodness is on display as He promises to send a Savior to His people.

Scripture: Isaiah 6-12

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The Supremacy of the Savior

November 16, 2014

God's rule over the world will become visible in due time, but the faithful are called to believe it now!

Scripture: Isaiah 13-35

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