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Jesus Our Prophet

In the Old Testament, God anointed people for special roles. He anointed prophets to be the change agents for society, speaking His word to the people. He anointed priests to be mediators between Himself and the people, and He anointed Kings to lead, protect and provide for His people. Put together, these three designations act […]

Lost, Found, Joy

Jesus tells a story about a lost sheep and the shepherd who searches for it, and brings it home with joy. He tells a story about a lost coin and the woman who sweeps her house for it and when she finds it, she celebrates! Then Jesus says He’s not talking about a sheep or […]

Hurricane Relief

Three major hurricanes have caused the loss of many lives and billions of dollars of damage from Texas, to Florida, to the Caribbean. You can respond to these disasters in at least two ways; volunteer your time and effort on-location, or donate $ in a way that is secure and gets the funds to the […]

Jesus on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

The rate of divorce and remarriage among both Christians and non-Christians reveals that marriage has been reduced to a consumer relationship for most people. Jesus teaches us that divorce is an assault on the character of God, and smudges the picture of God’s purposes in the world because He is the One who makes covenants […]

You are Blessed

New leadership always brings a new set of values. Jesus chose His 12 Apostles, and from the start He lets them know that there are some values they will need to give up and new values they must pick up. There are things about life they will have to unlearn. Jesus’ coming is the handwriting […]

When Darkness Reigns

On the darkest night in history, Jesus prayed alone – submitting to the will of the Father, and he stood alone – doing the will of the Father so that he could lift the spiritual darkness from each of us and rid the world of it forever. And because of his faithfulness that night, we […]

King Jesus

We live with a tension to be autonomous, to call our own shots, and a bent to give control of our lives to someone or something else. Truth is, we all serve some “functional king.” Maybe it’s your pets, your children, your career, your desire for other’s approval, etc. But these “functional kings” don’t give […]

God of the Impossible

The Angel Gabriel delivered a message to the virgin Mary, a young, unmarried girl, Kent Hughes says was “a nobody, from a nothing town in the middle of nowhere.” He told her she would have a son who would be the Son of God. Mary’s only question was “how could that be?” And after Gabriel […]

What In the World Is Lottie Moon?

If you’ve attended Foothills for more than 12 months, this is not the first time you’ve heard the phrase “Lottie Moon.” But you may not know that it isn’t actually a phrase, but rather, a name. Lottie Moon is the namesake of the international missions offering that Foothills participates in every Christmas with Southern Baptist’s […]