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Stand Out Christians

As followers of Jesus we ought to stand out and shine bright in this generation because of who we are and how we speak. Here are a few questions we should ask ourselves. Who are we meant to be? A: We’re the children of God on mission as lights in a dark world. We’re meant […]

Desperate for God

God said “Go,” but Jonah said “No” and ran. God wasn’t going to let him go, so he graciously brings Jonah down: physically, emotionally and spiritually. He did this not to pay him back for disobedience, but to bring him back to faithfulness. At the bottom of the sea, in the dark belly of that […]

Roles and Relationships in the Church

The way we relate to each other in the church, Pastors and members, younger or older, hinges on our relationship with Jesus. So, whatever role God’s given you in the church, live it out with the humility of Jesus. For Pastors- you go first. “You must be what you want to see” in the church. […]

Strength for Suffering

When the cultural powers stack the deck against the people of God, as they were beginning to do in Peter’s day, how do we live and walk every day with a resilient faith while we suffer for the sake of Christ and his kingdom? Scripture: 1 Peter 3:18-22 https://media.blubrry.com/foothillschurch/p/s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/foothillswebsite/fcbsermon_20151129.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: […]

The Way We “Go” This Holiday Season

The closer we get to December 25 the more opportunities you will have to extend the generosity of Christ to those who may not traditionally experience the holiday season like we do. Our staff and leadership has spent time looking at the responsibilities we have as Jesus followers and the opportunities to be his hands and feet and we are excited to share with you the way Foothills is ready to “Go” from October through December.

The Gospel and Same-Sex Marriage

Through the years I’ve personally known four men who struggled with SSA, Same Sex Attraction. Two of them eventually immersed themselves in a lifestyle of homosexuality. Two have faithfully sought to counter those desires with the power of the Gospel. If you believe that the Scripture teaches God’s design for human relationships is rooted in […]

The Easter Story You Haven’t Heard

Have you seen a commercial with the disclaimer, “These results are not typical”? How does that relate to Easter in Ahwatukee? Last Sunday, Madonna McCoy (my wife) shared about a family she had invited to our previous church. They were apathetic toward church in general and downright antagonistic toward Baptists! But for some reason they […]