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It’s Time To Grow Up

Knowing Jesus = Moral Change. Since we’ve tasted the Lord (experienced Him and know Him via repenting/believing in Jesus) our lives reflect a love that puts away sin and leans on the Word of God to grow us up in salvation. All of us need to continue to grow up in Jesus. The Bible is […]

What Knowing Jesus Means

As we obeyed the gospel of Jesus (i.e. believed in Jesus) we were born again which leads us to loving others (sincerely, earnestly, etc.).

The response to the message is understand that our identity in Jesus compels/causes us to love others, even amid suffering/hardships such as the ones Peter’s readers were experiencing.

Remembering Our Profession

As believers in Christ was must live in reverential fear because God judges, God judges impartially and God judges according to our deeds. In light of the fact that you’ve called on God as Father (who judges AND does so impartially and according to your life) Christians must conduct themselves with fear.

Praise God that He Has Saved Us!

Peter bursts out in praise for what God has done. What has he done?!? He’s brought new life to individuals through Lord Jesus Christ. This salvation (the truth that God saves sinners) gives us hope, joy and love amid adverse circumstances.

Love In Action

Our Christian culture has been caught “on their heels” with regards to the issue of love.

We’ve not loved well. Loving others (Christians & non-Christians) is hard, inconvenient, and a pressing task and yet Jesus said people will know we’re His followers by the love we show.

Christians typically think love is a feeling and/or attitude BUT love is love when it is manifested in action.