Leading Your Family and Remembering the Lost

It doesn’t matter your season of life to feel the truth of the statement “life is busy.” At times that busyness clouds my perception of truths or pursuits that really matter. One such truth is the reality of lostness around the world. One such pursuit is getting the good news of Jesus to people around the world that don’t have access to it.

Around Christmastime at Foothills, we hear the name Lottie Moon a lot as her name marks the annual International Mission Board offering that goes towards funding the pursuit of taking the good news to the world. But that pursuit and truth shouldn’t just enter into our minds around December—it should be a detail that we think about regularly. But with the busyness of life it often doesn’t get the “face-time” in the Millican family as it should. So here are several ways I’m trying to lead my family to be more aware of international missions:

  1. We pray. As a family we pray for missionaries by thanking God for their obedience and praying for their families and ministries. On our fridge are magnets and pictures highlighting friends that serve around the world.
  2. We budget. As a family we start planning for the December international missions offering 12 months out by setting aside an amount of money each month.
  3. We read. As a family we read resources that point our hearts to Jesus. Resources such as the Jesus Storybook Bible, Big Picture Story Bible and Long Story Short, remind us of the world’s need for Jesus and our need too.