Sacrificial Giving and Lottie Moon

There are many things we can do with our money but you can make a choice to give to missions. This year, make a sacrificial gift to a ministry like Lottie Moon.

Partnership in the Gospel

The Bishop’s had been giving joyfully a portion of their income to their local church but wanted to do more for missions. Here is their story of how they did just that.

Purchase a gift for a child with an incarcerated parent. Drop the gift off at Foothills Baptist Church.

Angel Tree at Foothills

We are once again partnering with Angel Tree to provide gifts to children who have a mom or dad in prison. Through Angel Tree, Foothills has the opportunity to help a child strengthen his/her relationship with a parent by providing a present on behalf of the prisoner. When a parent is in prison, their children […]

Leading Your Family and Remembering the Lost

It doesn’t matter your season of life to feel the truth of the statement “life is busy.” At times that busyness clouds my perception of truths or pursuits that really matter. One such truth is the reality of lostness around the world. One such pursuit is getting the good news of Jesus to people around […]

Happening at Foothills

Growth in any relationship is a challenge and God has given us His church as a community through which we all grow together. Through prioritizing relationships with a church family, you experience the community that God meant for you to enjoy all along. You will see that when you are part of a church community, […]

The Impact of the Rio Vista Center

Lives have been changed thanks to Rio Vista. In this video, Brian shares his transformation story of drug addiction, alcoholism, and how he met God.

This Fall at Foothills

You are not meant to live life alone. God has a much bigger purpose for you. The God of the entire universe knows you and the desire of His heart is to be in a growing relationship with you. How do we grow a relationship with a God whom we can’t see? Through His Word. Growth […]

Vacation Bible School Recap

Vacation Bible School is officially a wrap! After five days full of fun activities and sharing the Gospel, VBS is one for the books. Many families were blessed as we were able to introduce Jesus to children and families who do not yet know and trust him. Our Children’s Minister, Jeanne Nation, is here to give you […]

Better Together Marriage Conference in Ahwatukee

In this conversation, Pastor Nate Millican of Foothills Baptist Church in Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Arizona and his wife, Lauren, talk about the need for ongoing growth and development of the marriage commitment and how the Better Together Marriage Conference at Foothills Baptist Church is an extension of that investment.

Have I Met with God Featured Image

Have I Met with God Today?

One of our measures at Foothills is, “Have I met with God today?” and what we mean by that is, “Have I spent time reading God’s word and have I spent time talking with God in conversation with God, what we call prayer?”

Preaching In View of A Call – Cody Bishop

On Sunday February 12, Cody Bishop will preach in view of a call to the congregation of Foothills. In this short video, Nate Millican explains what “preaching in view of a call” is and how the day of Sunday, February 12 will play out.

Questions I Ask When Reading the Bible

What questions do you ask when reading your bible? In this special follow up from Pastor Nate’s message from Sunday, he shares the questions he thinks through.