Courageous Christianity

How is a courageous Christian described? How do we bear witness to faith in Jesus in the face of opposition? How can we stay true/faithful to Jesus? Jesus shares five truths about courageous Christianity with His disciples & now with us.

Scripture: Luke 12:1-12

What Did Jesus Just Say?!? (Part 2)

Jesus says the people who are eager to judge/condemn others should take a long look in the mirror and evaluate themselves before they consider going to someone else. No one gives mercy better than the individual who is convinced that they need grace/mercy.

Jesus isn’t saying put your head in the sand regarding people’s action but you/I need to become convinced of our own sin and our need for mercy/grace… when we do that we’ll be a great candidate to speak into someone else’s life.

Scripture: Matthew 7:1-12

Run That Race!

Paul had left behind the pursuit of attempting to earn God’s favor and now is resting in Jesus’ work, not on his own morality or good words. He’s now a recipient of the promises of God. The gift of the forgiveness of sin and a right standing with God made him anything but complacent. It wasn’t a sedative but a stimulant in his life. God had done a good work in Paul’s life (1:6) and Paul was impassioned to pursue Jesus all the more.

The question is… are you?

Scripture: Philippians 3:12-16


A Clear Vision Of Tomorrow Clarifies My Choices Today

In Luke, Jesus is sharing some things about the future that are intended to instill comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable climate/culture/context; confidence and hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. But also, He tells them because He wants them to know that His words are what brings peace.

Scripture: Luke 5:7-38