Jesus: The Hero of the Scriptures

The resurrection of Jesus is an event that should give people perspective; perspective about what really matters in life; perspective about details that eternally matter.

Scripture: Luke 24:13-35

He’s Not Here! A Theology of Remembrance

Harvard Professor Ernest Wright said this: in biblical faith everything depends upon whether the central events actually occurred or not.

In Luke 24:1-12 we see one of the central truths of the message of Christianity: the empty tomb!

Scripture: Luke 24:1-12

Conspiracy – Counter Conspiracy

The life of Jesus is in its final hours, and two conspiracies are about to collide.

One would end in death – Jesus, crucified and buried.

One would end in life – Jesus, raised from the dead three days later.

One was fueled by the Devil, executed by the religious leaders of the Jews and Roman authorities, to rid themselves and the world of what they thought was a pretender.

One was put into motion by God the Father, to save the world from their sins.

Scripture: Luke 22:1-23

Two-fold Story of Redemption

Luke is making point after point that just around the corner there’s a glimmer of light that’s going to burst forth. For years there’s been darkness, there’s been silence and now God has spoken in these miraculous births of John, which means God is gracious and Jesus, which means God saves.

Let’s walk through this passage and see the unfolding of God’s story.

Scripture: Luke 1:57-80


God of the Impossible

The Angel Gabriel delivered a message to the virgin Mary, a young, unmarried girl, Kent Hughes says was “a nobody, from a nothing town in the middle of nowhere.” He told her she would have a son who would be the Son of God. Mary’s only question was “how could that be?” And after Gabriel told her the Holy Spirit would “overshadow” her, he pointed to her cousin, who was much older and had been barren and said that she was six months pregnant. Then he gave Mary the bottom line, “For nothing is impossible with God.” Mary’s experience is unique, but she’s an example for us all, and through her, we learn that when the God of the impossible comes to you, expect him to summon you to follow in ways you never thought possible.

Scripture: Luke 1:26-38


Run That Race!

The Apostle Paul was resting in Jesus’ work not his own, which means he’s the recipient of the forgiveness of sin and right standing with God. This compelled Paul to run the race of the Christian life with steadfastness and passion; God had done a good work in Paul’s life (1:6) and Paul was moved to pursue Jesus all the more.

What does your Christian life look like? Are there areas where you’re running, jogging or walking towards Jesus? God wants us to pursue Jesus like a runner runs in a race pursuing a prize.

Scripture: Philippians 3:12-4:1


A Glimpse of Faithfulness

In Philippians 2:19-30 we read about two men, Timothy and Epaphroditus. What can we learn from these men? We learn how to push back against our fears and self-preservation and instead open our heart to the cares and concerns for others. We learn how to have a quiet courage that isn’t primarily concerned about our own comforts and conveniences but takes risks to our health and safety because we love and follow Jesus and we’re concerned for the work He wants us to do as His servants.

These were men who embraced the Faithful One (Jesus) and through God’s enabling work of grace continued to walk in faithfulness. In Timothy and Epaphroditus we get a glimpse of faithfulness. What does your life look like?

Scripture: Philippians 2:19-30

Desperate for God

God said “Go,” but Jonah said “No” and ran. God wasn’t going to let him go, so he graciously brings Jonah down: physically, emotionally and spiritually. He did this not to pay him back for disobedience, but to bring him back to faithfulness. At the bottom of the sea, in the dark belly of that great fish, Jonah sees more clearly than he has in some time and he learns this lesson: God alone saves desperate people who cry out to him from desperate circumstances of their own making.

Scripture: Jonah 2; Matthew 12:38-42

Finish Strong: Truths From The Life of King Manasseh

Finishing strong is a truth that the Scripture teach us concerning our Christian life. God who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete and yet the Scripture also tells us that we are to work out our salvation; we’re called to continually repent of sin and look to Jesus in all that we do. King Manasseh is a great example that it’s never too late to finish strong with God, which entails a broken heart over one’s sin and a posture of faith unto God.

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 33; 2 Kings 21

Strength for Suffering

When the cultural powers stack the deck against the people of God, as they were beginning to do in Peter’s day, how do we live and walk every day with a resilient faith while we suffer for the sake of Christ and his kingdom?

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:18-22