Being Set Apart By The King

In Matthew 28:16-20, we come to the end of a journey with Jesus – birth, life, death, burial and resurrection. These five verses are called the Great Commission. What does it mean to be great? Great seems to be a shallow word because it’s used so regularly. Great game, great food, great wedding, great product. The Great Commission speaks to the fact that no other mission is more significant than this one. It is the greatest commission. To go to the ends of the earth to declare the Kingship of Jesus.

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20

Jesus Our King

Jesus is not the king we (or Israel) asked for or wanted, but He is the king we desperately need. He is a paradoxical king. He didn’t come to overthrow the Roman empire or to establish a political party. He comes not to save us from the political powers that rule over us but the sinful powers that rule in us. In short, Jesus didn’t come to rule a nation, but to rule our hearts.

And just as any new King, President or Prime Minister does when they come into power, they clear house. When Jesus is king of our life, He sits on the throne of our heart. All other sources of authority and forms of empty faith are removed.

If we’ll evaluate our retirement portfolio’s year-end performance or measure our academic success through our GPA, how much more should we make a habit of evaluating our heart this upcoming year? Below are our church’s five measures for evaluating our hearts and whom is in control of them.

1. Have I spent time with God today?
2. Am I living the life of a generous giver?
3. Am I close to someone far from God?
4. Do I look like Jesus to all the people and places He has sent me?
5. Am I seeking forgiveness and forgiving others as needed?

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11

Jesus Is Our Great High Priest

Jesus is our great high priest who offers Himself for our atonement, which means He steps in on our behalf and pays the penalty and consequence for our sin.

As our great high priest we 1) hold fast our confession of Jesus as the prophet, priest and king and 2) we draw near to Him. Jesus sympathizes with us in our weakness and our prayers, efforts are met with kindness and compassion.

Jesus Our Prophet

In the Old Testament, God anointed people for special roles. He anointed prophets to be the change agents for society, speaking His word to the people. He anointed priests to be mediators between Himself and the people, and He anointed Kings to lead, protect and provide for His people. Put together, these three designations act like lenses that help us get a clear picture of who Jesus is so that we would know Him more fully, trust Him more deeply and follow Him more closely. As our prophet, Jesus brings us the truth, He is the truth and He saves and sends us with His truth.

Scripture: Hebrews 1:1-3; Acts 3:17-26

Don’t Take the Best Seat in the House

Jesus heals a man whose physical ailment is symptomatic of the religious leader’s spiritual ailment and he does so to confront the thinking the religious leader’s had regarding who God’s Kingdom belonged to. Jesus wants them to know that it belongs to the King and to whomever He gives admittance to. And the King gives admittances to those who lower or humble themselves because when you lower/humble yourself you’re pursuing Jesus and the way of Jesus.

Scripture: Luke 14:1-11

The Unstoppable Kingdom

What is the Kingdom of God? How do we know the King of this kingdom and what is the nature of this kingdom? In Luke 13:10-21 Jesus shares two truths about the kingdom. The kingdom is far-reaching and deep in its effect. In other words, its extensive and intensive.

Scripture: Luke 13:10-21

*There were some issues with the recording of the audio in the video and unfortunately the audio quality is poor. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The King’s Invitation

We all understand there is a brevity to life; one day a loved one is here and the next day they’re gone. The situation is familiar with all to us, whether it’s someone close or someone distant. For that reason (and much more) there should be an urgency in our hearts to answer the question, “Where do I stand with God?” Do we know Him? Have we placed our trust in His Son? Are we forgiven? Have we surrendered to the sovereign, loving rule and reign of the King? Listen as Pastor Nate walks through the Bible to answer these questions and more.

Scripture: Luke 14:12-24; Matthew 22:1-14

*There were some issues with the recording of the audio in the video and unfortunately the audio quality is poor. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hearing Rightly Is The Key To Life

Jesus often used the power of stories to point those He encountered to a new reality of God’s goodness and grace. That’s because He understood that people connected easily with stories. His stories of truth and transformation literally changed the world. Everyone has a story. Our stories, our lives, need to be woven into the rich narrative of the greatest story of all.

Scripture: Luke 8:4-15

Courageous Christianity

How is a courageous Christian described? How do we bear witness to faith in Jesus in the face of opposition? How can we stay true/faithful to Jesus? Jesus shares five truths about courageous Christianity with His disciples & now with us.

Scripture: Luke 12:1-12

Praying The Course!

We were privileged to hear from DeWayne Hawkins, pastor at Life Givers Church. Pastor Hawkins takes us through verses in Luke 11:5-13 to examine the teachings on prayer. Prayer is very immersive, it demands the whole person, it demands all of you. God wants all of you, the messy, broken parts, the parts you don’t want to show anyone. Listen to learn how to pray the course.

Scripture: Luke 11:5-13