Don’t Trust In Yourself

Prayer is a window into our soul → prayer lays bare the human heart and Jesus time-and-time-again tells us He’s concerned with the heart. This parable tells us many things – one undeniable truth is that “God knows the difference between a parade of righteousness and the intention of the heart.” -James Edwards

Scripture: Luke 18:9-14

The Great Reversal

The main point of this passage → It’s not that poor people go to heaven while rich people go to hell. The point is that people who live, love and trust in the things of this world will find that heaven is not their destiny, while those who live, love and trust in heavenly things, namely, Jesus, will find that heaven is their home.

Scripture: Luke 16:19-31

Lost, Found, Joy

Jesus tells a story about a lost sheep and the shepherd who searches for it, and brings it home with joy. He tells a story about a lost coin and the woman who sweeps her house for it and when she finds it, she celebrates! Then Jesus says He’s not talking about a sheep or a coin, a shepherd or a woman. He’s talking about people who are lost, the God who cares for them, loves them and searches for them, and when He finds the lost, He brings you all the way with great joy. Jesus’ story is meant to convict the “insiders” about their lack of love and concern for lost people, and comfort people who are lost, that no matter how far you may feel you are from God, He loves you enough to seek you out until He finds you and brings you home!

Scripture: Luke 15:1-10

Don’t Take the Best Seat in the House

Jesus heals a man whose physical ailment is symptomatic of the religious leader’s spiritual ailment and he does so to confront the thinking the religious leader’s had regarding who God’s Kingdom belonged to. Jesus wants them to know that it belongs to the King and to whomever He gives admittance to. And the King gives admittances to those who lower or humble themselves because when you lower/humble yourself you’re pursuing Jesus and the way of Jesus.

Scripture: Luke 14:1-11

The King’s Invitation

We all understand there is a brevity to life; one day a loved one is here and the next day they’re gone. The situation is familiar with all to us, whether it’s someone close or someone distant. For that reason (and much more) there should be an urgency in our hearts to answer the question, “Where do I stand with God?” Do we know Him? Have we placed our trust in His Son? Are we forgiven? Have we surrendered to the sovereign, loving rule and reign of the King? Listen as Pastor Nate walks through the Bible to answer these questions and more.

Scripture: Luke 14:12-24; Matthew 22:1-14

*There were some issues with the recording of the audio in the video and unfortunately the audio quality is poor. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Talk the Walk and Walk the Talk

Craig Hamilton, in his book Wisdom in Leading, writes people deserve to know the truth. We don’t want to soften hard, urgent messages with false kindness or phony optimism.

In Luke 6:43-49, Jesus shares with crystal clear clarity that who we are on the outside is intimately connected to who we are on the inside. Listen as we walk through this insightful passage together.

Scripture: Luke 6:43-49

Who Is This Jesus?

Christ is the great central fact of the world’s history. To him, everything looks forward or backward. All the lines of history converge upon him. All the great purposes of God culminate in him. The greatest and most momentous fact that the history of the world records is the fact of his birth.

Our 2016 Christmas Day service message.

Scripture: Luke 2:21-42

Who Is This Jesus?

Emmanuel came to little Bethlehem because there simply was no other way to fix what sin had broken. Jesus tells us in Luke 2:21-42 that He is the Divine Son and the He’s about His Father’s business: saving sinners. When you have a heavenly interruption in your life, your life is altered forever. Jesus is that heavenly interruption.

Our 2016 Christmas Eve service message.

Scripture: Luke 2:21-42

Two-fold Story of Redemption

Luke is making point after point that just around the corner there’s a glimmer of light that’s going to burst forth. For years there’s been darkness, there’s been silence and now God has spoken in these miraculous births of John, which means God is gracious and Jesus, which means God saves.

Let’s walk through this passage and see the unfolding of God’s story.

Scripture: Luke 1:57-80


Does The Kingdom Belong To You?

In Luke 18:15-17 Jesus tells us that to receive the Kingdom you need to be like a little child. He doesn’t say we need to be a child but that there’s some characteristic that infants possess that is a requirement for anyone to be a believer. What is that characteristic? That characteristic is helplessness and total dependence.

Scripture: Luke 18:15-17