When Darkness Reigns

On the darkest night in history, Jesus prayed alone – submitting to the will of the Father, and he stood alone – doing the will of the Father so that he could lift the spiritual darkness from each of us and rid the world of it forever. And because of his faithfulness that night, we look forward to the Day when there will be no more night.

Scripture: Luke 22:39-65; Rev. 21:22-25

The Beginning of the Conflict in the Middle East

What are we to think about the conflict in the Middle East? When did it start? Who’s to blame? Will there ever be peace? These questions and more are answered as we walk through Genesis 16.

Scripture: Genesis 16-21


What Has He Done For You

Jesus is the One who is sovereign/powerful over death and evil. He once again is reminding us of who He is and why He came: to seek and save sinners.

Scripture: Luke 8:22-39