Don’t Trust In Yourself

Prayer is a window into our soul → prayer lays bare the human heart and Jesus time-and-time-again tells us He’s concerned with the heart. This parable tells us many things – one undeniable truth is that “God knows the difference between a parade of righteousness and the intention of the heart.” -James Edwards

Scripture: Luke 18:9-14

God of the Impossible

The Angel Gabriel delivered a message to the virgin Mary, a young, unmarried girl, Kent Hughes says was “a nobody, from a nothing town in the middle of nowhere.” He told her she would have a son who would be the Son of God. Mary’s only question was “how could that be?” And after Gabriel told her the Holy Spirit would “overshadow” her, he pointed to her cousin, who was much older and had been barren and said that she was six months pregnant. Then he gave Mary the bottom line, “For nothing is impossible with God.” Mary’s experience is unique, but she’s an example for us all, and through her, we learn that when the God of the impossible comes to you, expect him to summon you to follow in ways you never thought possible.

Scripture: Luke 1:26-38


Does The Kingdom Belong To You?

In Luke 18:15-17 Jesus tells us that to receive the Kingdom you need to be like a little child. He doesn’t say we need to be a child but that there’s some characteristic that infants possess that is a requirement for anyone to be a believer. What is that characteristic? That characteristic is helplessness and total dependence.

Scripture: Luke 18:15-17

To Be Blessed Is To See

Jesus’ words in Luke 11:27-36 tell us that in order to be a recipient of God’s favor and pleasure we need to believe in the words He shares and live them out in our lives. As we believe/do God’s Word, we attest to the fact that we’re in the light as we’re seeing Jesus rightly and clearly.

Scripture: Luke 11:27-36

What Has He Done For You

Jesus is the One who is sovereign/powerful over death and evil. He once again is reminding us of who He is and why He came: to seek and save sinners.

Scripture: Luke 8:22-39

The Compassionate One Makes A Visit

Jesus can give real hope and compassion because He is the One who is more powerful than death.

Scripture: Luke 7:1-17; Matthew 8:5-13


The Unstoppable Gospel

Paul, writing from prison, wants to remind fellow Christians that though his circumstances aren’t ideal they’re being used by God as a platform to tell others about Jesus. We need to be reminded that if God wants the gospel to get to someone it will indeed get there and that circumstances are not arbitrary or purposeless; they’re used by God to unfold His plan.

Paul was living for something infinitely bigger than anything he could bring about in his life: the sovereign God of the universe was saving sinners through His Son Jesus and then commissioning them out to tell the world about this great rescue.

Scripture: Philippians 1:12-18