Be Devoted to the Church

The early followers of Jesus devoted themselves to the Apostle’s teachings, the fellowship and breaking of bread, and to the prayers. Acts 2:42. They devoted themselves to hearing from God through the scriptures, speaking with God in prayer, and belonging to the church. These habits of grace positioned their hearts to keep receiving what God was continuously giving – grace to be more and more like Jesus.

It makes no sense to try and live life as a Christian on your own because God’s grace has made us part of a family for a reason – without community there is no maturity. The Church is a means of grace for you and me. Apart from being devoted to the Church, you will not have the grace to grow up. Instead you’ll suffer from chronic inconsistency, along with everyone who knows you, and you’ll drift from one “truth” to another, subject to the deceitful scheming of the evil one. The Church is a grace in our lives when we have others who will “truth” us in word and deed, and for whom we can “truth” as well.

Scripture: Acts 2:42; Ephesians 4:1-16