Little Man, Big Apology

How can we move towards living out the mission of Jesus in our lives? We can pray for compassion and read/study about the person of Jesus. There’s a reminder in […]

The King’s Messengers

As messengers of King Jesus, we understand that there are those that will come to faith in Jesus. As we engage people to put Jesus first for the sake of […]

Jesus Prays All Night

Most people in the world pray, regardless of their faith background. If your circumstances are tough enough, you may pray even if you don’t identify with any particular faith. But […]

Jesus and the Unexpected

Jesus regularly interacted with people that the religious people of His day found scandalous. Join me as I walk through a small passage in Luke where we see Jesus interacting […]

The Marks of a True Disciple

Let’s take a look at Jesus’ words in Luke 5:1-11 and see what it means to follow Jesus. Scripture: Luke 5:1-11

Putting Jesus First

Socrates said, that “the examined life is not worth living.” Os Guiness, author of “Fool’s Talk” says, “If he’s accurate then it means there are a lot of people, maybe […]

God’s Guidelines for Growing Your Kids

Two guidelines we see from the Scriptures to parenting our kids is 1) seeking to educate them about the ways of the Lord, and 2) actively encouraging them. How do […]