The Call to Be Heavenly Minded

The man who is about to sail for Australia or New Zealand as a settler is naturally anxious to know something about his future home, its climate, its employment, its inhabitants, its ways, its customs. All these are subjects of deep interest to him. You are leaving the land of your nativity, you are going […]

The Nature of Our Resurrection

Is heaven a real place? Or is it merely symbolic? Wayne Grudem writes, “Stephen did not see mere symbols… It was rather that his eyes were opened to see a spiritual dimension of reality which God has hidden from us in this present age, a dimension which nonetheless really does exist in our space/time universe, […]

The New Heavens and The New Earth

In Revelation 21-22, we find something very familiar… we get a sense of deja vu if you will… it’s creation, recreated. C.S. Lewis said, “I believe man once lived in utopia, but does no longer, and that he is always trying to return. The name of his first utopia was Eden…it is part of our […]