God’s Grace In Judgment

When you think of the word “judgment” does grace, mercy, or love come to your mind? Probably not! But in Genesis 11 God shows His grace to sinners by preventing […]

God Through Judgment Brings About New Beginnings

The world is quickly unraveling as sin reaches its tentacles into every nook/cranny of civilization. Chapter 4 Cain, in hot fury, murders his brother. Chapter 5 Lamech shows himself to […]

The Commitment to Bless Despite Sin!

God hasn’t forgotten you. You don’t fight alone. You don’t go out into this crazy world alone. You will never be alone (a lie from the enemy). No matter how […]

The Faithfulness of God!

In Genesis 3, we see the first man/woman rebel against God; the temptation to be like God, knowing good and evil, was too much to resist. They wrongly believe God […]

Paradise Lost

The big idea from this text is that the blessing of paradise was cursed through sin, but God promised to restore it to blessing again. Genesis 1-2 tells us that […]

Blessed to Be a Blessing

“No matter how many experts we consult or how much research we do, the ultimate questions of life remain unanswerable unless God speaks. And God has spoken to us, in […]