Be Devoted to the Church

The early followers of Jesus devoted themselves to the Apostle’s teachings, the fellowship and breaking of bread, and to the prayers. Acts 2:42. They devoted themselves to hearing from God through the scriptures, speaking with God in prayer, and belonging to the church. These habits of grace positioned their hearts to keep receiving what God […]

Be Devoted to the Bible

Fasting, worship, serving, giving, solitude; you’ll find most of these on a list of “spiritual disciplines.” Others call them “means of grace.” This message is on the second of what I consider to be the big three habits of grace for any follower of Christ – being devoted to God’s Word. Habits of grace position […]

Be Devoted to Prayer

James teaches the early followers of Christ that wherever you’re coming from or whatever you’re going through – pray – because God works through prayer. Prayer isn’t mainly about certain postures or practices. It’s the expression of a relationship between a believer and their Heavenly Father. He’s holy and great, so we worship Him. He’s […]