Jesus: Better Than Riches

Philip Graham Ryken said, “Luke’s Gospel is for anyone who needs to know Jesus. It is for people who have never met Jesus before, and for people who need to […]

Jesus: Bringer of the Kingdom

Jesus tells us that He came to preach the good news of the Kingdom. What does this mean? What is the Kingdom? The Kingdom is the rule and reign of […]

Does The Kingdom Belong To You?

In Luke 18:15-17 Jesus tells us that to receive the Kingdom you need to be like a little child. He doesn’t say we need to be a child but that […]

Jesus: Bringer of Division and Peace?

Jesus, though He is the Prince of Peace, tells us very plainly in Luke 12:49-53 that He came to bring division. Jesus is giving His followers perspective to show them […]

To Be Blessed Is To See

Jesus’ words in Luke 11:27-36 tell us that in order to be a recipient of God’s favor and pleasure we need to believe in the words He shares and live […]

Who Is Jesus?

Jesus himself asked his disciples. People across the world wrestle with this question today. C.S. Lewis declared there were only three possible options – Lord, Liar or Lunatic. Who do […]

What Has He Done For You

Jesus is the One who is sovereign/powerful over death and evil. He once again is reminding us of who He is and why He came: to seek and save sinners. […]

An Important Conversation and Reminder

Actions speak louder than words don’t they? Jesus is asked the question, “are you the One we’ve been waiting for?” They wanted to know if He was indeed the Rescuer/Delivered […]