The Resurrection of Jesus

2020 could be the year remembered as “the year without Easter.” But even with social distancing, daily presidential briefings, death tolls, and tens of millions applying for unemployment, Easter has come. This may not be the Easter we had planned, but the resurrection power of Jesus cannot be stopped.

The Good News that Christ is risen from the dead is a challenging word for our minds. But if we try to say, “It’s just impossible,” we have to account for certain things that we know are true. Beyond that, the resurrection of Jesus is a gracious word for our hearts, showing us that salvation doesn’t depend on the strength of your morality, but the admission of our own weakness and need. Finally, the resurrection is a missional word for our lives, because the resurrection sets us free from this world, and for this world.

Scripture: Mark 16:1-8

The Power of Jesus

If what the Gospels report about Jesus is the stuff of legend, then believe what you want. But if the Gospels are eyewitness reports about the life of Jesus, if they are history, then you have to deal with who Jesus is, that He is Lord of All.

One of the most difficult things for us to understand or believe is that Jesus can love us and still allow and even order disruptive events, seasons, storms for our lives. And if we don’t come to trust Him in the storm, we will be at the mercy of the storm, and in this world, it’s always storming.

So, who is Jesus and what kind of power does he have? The power of Jesus is historical, limitless, disruptive, and costly.

Scripture: Mark 5:35-41; Psalm 89:8-9; Jonah 1; Romans 5:8