The Work and Power of Jesus

We were privileged to hear from our own Pastor Nate Millican as he continues the Genesis series. This is his last sermon at Foothills. Pastor Nate talked about The Work and Power of Jesus, referencing Matthew 9:1-13. Listen to what he has to say about this topic.

Scripture: Matthew 9:1-13

Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac

Thankfully, God didn’t ask Abraham to go through with the sacrifice, but one dark Friday God would provide, and just as Abraham walked up that hill with his son, his wood for the burnt offering in his hand, God stayed the knife and told him to stop because through this child would come another promise and blessing that would bring rescue and salvation to the world… Jesus would walk willingly up that hill, carrying the wood on His back AND there He would be slain to save and bless the world.

Scripture: Genesis 22:1-19

Sin Doesn’t Hinder God’s Faithfulness to His Promises

God’s plans and promises will ultimately come to fruition, despite the sinfulness of man. We see this truth in the person of Abraham who routinely demonstrated a commitment to self-preservation over a trust in God’s goodness and promises.

Scripture: Genesis 20:1-21:7

Judgment and Deliverance Part 2

What we look at, we will become and what we want, we will often get. In this sermon, Pastor Nate walks through the reason for God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Scripture: Genesis 19:1-29

Judgment and Deliverance

Failure to obey God’s ways of justice and righteousness can result in judgment. We see this truth in Genesis 19 where God, in His holiness justice, destroys a city on account of great outcry of evil.

Scripture: Genesis 19:1-29

A Conversation With God

In this passage, we see that a failure to keep the way of justice and righteousness can bring about judgment. We also see a pretty remarkable interaction between Abraham and God where Abraham intercedes for Sodom and Gomorrah. God’s kindness, justice, and holiness are on display in this passage.

Scripture: Genesis 18:16-33

The God of the Impossible!

We live in a world of broken promises. At times we’re the ones who haven’t come through on what we committed to and other times we’re on the receiving end. When we read Genesis 18:1-15, we see that “God will confirm His promises despite difficulties.” God always comes through on His promises

Scripture: Genesis 18:1-15; Galatians 4:4-5; John 6:53-56; Matthew 26:26-30

Belief in God’s Promises Calls for a Demonstration

In Genesis 17, we see God give the sign of circumcision to Abraham to indicate His belief in the promises of God. Despite Abraham and Sarah’s age, God was going to bless them with a child and He was going to make Abraham a “father of a multitude of nations.” But what is a Christian supposed to do with a passage of Scripture that discusses the rite of circumcision? Listen as Pastor Nate walks through this text.

Scripture: Genesis 17

God’s Covenant with Abram

How do I live when there’s a gap between the promise of God and its fulfillment? How do we respond when our experience doesn’t sync up with God’s promises? The big idea in Genesis 15-16 is this: When you’re living in the gap between the promise of God and it’s fulfillment, don’t take a short-cut that creates long-term problems, just keep trusting your Father and His promises. In these two chapters Abram and Sarai live in that gap. Through them we see how God reassures our faith in the gap, gives us a sign (a covenant) to confirm He will keep His promises, and a warning about taking matters into our own hands.

Scripture: Genesis 15-16

Fickle Faith to Courageous Faith

God’s promise is certain. Abram’s faith is fickle. But by God’s grace his faith is growing.

Scripture: Genesis 13-14