Jesus: The Hero of the Scriptures

The resurrection of Jesus is an event that should give people perspective; perspective about what really matters in life; perspective about details that eternally matter.

Scripture: Luke 24:13-35

He’s Not Here! A Theology of Remembrance

Harvard Professor Ernest Wright said this: in biblical faith everything depends upon whether the central events actually occurred or not.

In Luke 24:1-12 we see one of the central truths of the message of Christianity: the empty tomb!

Scripture: Luke 24:1-12

The Fame of the Crucified King

Calvin Miller said, “It’s difficult to look at a naked, beaten man and see anything kingly about him. How odd that in the fullness of time, Herod would be remembered a tyrant but the naked, beaten man he studied would rule the hearts of millions.”

Let’s look at Luke 23 and see how the Crucified One became the Famous One.

Scripture: Luke 23;36-56; John 18:37


When Darkness Reigns

On the darkest night in history, Jesus prayed alone – submitting to the will of the Father, and he stood alone – doing the will of the Father so that he could lift the spiritual darkness from each of us and rid the world of it forever. And because of his faithfulness that night, we look forward to the Day when there will be no more night.

Scripture: Luke 22:39-65; Rev. 21:22-25

Conspiracy – Counter Conspiracy

The life of Jesus is in its final hours, and two conspiracies are about to collide.

One would end in death – Jesus, crucified and buried.

One would end in life – Jesus, raised from the dead three days later.

One was fueled by the Devil, executed by the religious leaders of the Jews and Roman authorities, to rid themselves and the world of what they thought was a pretender.

One was put into motion by God the Father, to save the world from their sins.

Scripture: Luke 22:1-23

A Clear Vision Of Tomorrow Clarifies My Choices Today

In Luke, Jesus is sharing some things about the future that are intended to instill comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable climate/culture/context; confidence and hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. But also, He tells them because He wants them to know that His words are what brings peace.

Scripture: Luke 5:7-38


King Jesus

We live with a tension to be autonomous, to call our own shots, and a bent to give control of our lives to someone or something else. Truth is, we all serve some “functional king.” Maybe it’s your pets, your children, your career, your desire for other’s approval, etc. But these “functional kings” don’t give us life, they take it, they don’t set us free, they oppress us. That’s because we were made by and for the True King, and only under His hand can we become all he made us to be.

Scripture: Luke 19:28-44