Two-fold Story of Redemption

Luke is making point after point that just around the corner there’s a glimmer of light that’s going to burst forth. For years there’s been darkness, there’s been silence and now God has spoken in these miraculous births of John, which means God is gracious and Jesus, which means God saves.

Let’s walk through this passage and see the unfolding of God’s story.

Scripture: Luke 1:57-80


Trust the Word of God

In the angel Gabriel’s interaction with Zechariah we see the declaration that the people of Israel had been waiting for: the coming of the Rescuer/Deliverer! Zechariah’s son was going to be the guy to present Jesus to the world, yet Zechariah didn’t believe the words of God. Let’s not follow Zechariah’s example by believing and trusting in what God has written down for us in the Bible.

Are you trusting in the word of God?

Scripture: Luke 1:5-25


What Do You Sing About?

What would you celebrate wildly and without inhibition? Someone who had cancer but hears the word, “you’re cancer free”? Someone who you’ve been praying for to become a Christian and they finally come to a saving knowledge of Jesus? There are a number of events that we would celebrate wildly and without inhibition; there would be an outburst of emotion! This is how we should read Luke 1:39-56 as Mary is singing to God for the gracious acts He has done, namely, that she would bear a son named Jesus, who would be the Savior and King of the world.

Scripture: Luke 1:39-56


God of the Impossible

The Angel Gabriel delivered a message to the virgin Mary, a young, unmarried girl, Kent Hughes says was “a nobody, from a nothing town in the middle of nowhere.” He told her she would have a son who would be the Son of God. Mary’s only question was “how could that be?” And after Gabriel told her the Holy Spirit would “overshadow” her, he pointed to her cousin, who was much older and had been barren and said that she was six months pregnant. Then he gave Mary the bottom line, “For nothing is impossible with God.” Mary’s experience is unique, but she’s an example for us all, and through her, we learn that when the God of the impossible comes to you, expect him to summon you to follow in ways you never thought possible.

Scripture: Luke 1:26-38