Rescued to be Rescued

Peter Williams says that “God’s questions are meant to teach us something, or to expose to us our inner selves when we are guilty of sin or disobedience…so whenever we read the Bible and come across a question, we ought to ask ourselves, ‘Is God addressing that question to me, and if so what am I meant to learn from it?'”

God has several questions for Jonah in Jonah chapter 4 that give us a glimpse into Jonah’s world…and truth be told, our world as well.

Scripture: Jonah 4; Matthew 12:41; Luke 11:32

The God of the Second Chance

Our God is a merciful God and He many times gives second chances. In Jonah 3 we see the mercy of God in giving Jonah another opportunity to be obedient, as well as choosing to rescue the Ninevites, rather than destroying them.

Scripture: Jonah 3

Desperate for God

God said “Go,” but Jonah said “No” and ran. God wasn’t going to let him go, so he graciously brings Jonah down: physically, emotionally and spiritually. He did this not to pay him back for disobedience, but to bring him back to faithfulness. At the bottom of the sea, in the dark belly of that great fish, Jonah sees more clearly than he has in some time and he learns this lesson: God alone saves desperate people who cry out to him from desperate circumstances of their own making.

Scripture: Jonah 2; Matthew 12:38-42

But Jonah. But God.

In Jonah 1 we see God’s pursuit of not only the people in Nineveh but also the heart of Jonah. We also see that sin makes us do dumb things. It makes us go against logic. It makes us speak things, think things, do things that go against the nature of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

The truth is, Jonah’s response is our response many times. Listen in as we walk through this amazing book and see how God is passionately committed to seeing people come to know him.

Scripture: Jonah 1