Forgiven People = Happy People

Confession is a powerful tool that God has given to us to retool or recalibrate our relationship regarding our thoughts, attitudes and affections so that we’re walking in a right relationship with God and others.

David is writing about an experience that he wants to pass onto God’s people about what happens when sin is concealed, what happens when it is confessed.

Main Takeaway: Confession leads to forgiveness and forgiveness is good for your soul.

Scripture: Psalms 32

The King of Glory

When we believe in Jesus and the victory he made through his cross/resurrection, we, despite having dirty hands, an impure heart and continually lifting up our lives to ideas and/or persons that are false and empty, we enter into God’s presence with clean hands and a pure heart. Not on account of what we’ve done but on account of the One who fulfilled all of the expectations—Christ Jesus, who ended the most significant battle of all by defeating sin and spiritual death when he rose from the grave where He now sits at the right hand of the Father.

Scripture: Psalm 24

The Practical Atheism

A fool is someone who lives their life without the direction or acknowledgment of God. In their heart they say “there is no God” even if they simultaneously confess the contrary with their mouth. Psalm 14 calls us to move from practical atheism and empty forms of religion and lip service to joy in Christ. From a veneer of faith to Christ first for the sake of others.

Scripture: Psalms 14

The Pathway of the Blessed

Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way” expresses one of America’s highest aspirations/ideals, that of the self-made man, the self-sufficient/reliant woman; we don’t need anyone. I’m autonomous/independent. I’ll do things my way. I’ll make my decisions. I don’t need anyone else. That’s really the opposite of what we see in Scripture.

Psalm 1 teaches us that choosing our own road/pathway only leads to destruction/despair. In order to have hope we need to walk along the pathway of God’s instruction.

Scripture: Psalm 1