Partnership in the Gospel

God has designed us to be together & He’s created us for community—but indifference, isolation and competition has seduced us into think we need to look out for number one. […]

Stand Firm In This Way

The Bible is very practical. Its not some heavy or academic book where only the brightest can discern it’s meaning. It’s intensely practical. In Philippians 4:1-9 we don’t have doctrinal […]

Run That Race!

The Apostle Paul was resting in Jesus’ work not his own, which means he’s the recipient of the forgiveness of sin and right standing with God. This compelled Paul to […]

Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Our confidence, trust and hope should be in the person of Jesus not what we bring to the table (i.e. our spiritual resumes). The Apostle Paul had an impressive resume […]

A Glimpse of Faithfulness

In Philippians 2:19-30 we read about two men, Timothy and Epaphroditus. What can we learn from these men? We learn how to push back against our fears and self-preservation and […]

Stand Out Christians

As followers of Jesus we ought to stand out and shine bright in this generation because of who we are and how we speak. Here are a few questions we […]

Unity Through Humility

Humility, as demonstrated by Jesus, is the choice to forgo status and withhold power for the good of others. The path to unity for any church or relationship is through […]

What Does Your Citizenship Look Like?

What do Christians living in 1st century Philippi and Christians living in the 21st century have in common? Both belong to increasingly marginalized minorities in countries where the culture espouses […]

Guarding and Passing on the Gospel

We’re called to know the message of the gospel, keep to this message, share this message and invest this message in others. Very simply: we’re called to be faithful to […]