Don’t Measure Me!

Having a covenantal understanding of God means we realize that in Jesus we have God’s pleasure, acceptance, favor, forgiveness and our identity is that of a son/daughter of the King. Because of the change in our identity we delight and find joy in obeying Jesus. In this message, Pastor Nate walks through the church’s “Measures”, […]

Part Two: Don’t Measure Me!

Measures → are what we’re asking people to become & they’re a portrait of a mature disciple. Jerry Bridges said, “spiritual disciplines are provided for our good, not for bondage. They are privileges to be used, not duties to be performed.” Listen in as I walk through three questions designed to help us gauge our […]

The Call To Make Him Known

These were Jesus’ final words. It has been 2000 years and Jesus has not during that time planted his feet on earth and audibly addressed his followers. Jesus laid down in the clearest terms the mission for those who are to follow him. This is the mission of the church—the mandate of Christianity. Here in […]

The Call of Every Christian

Often what happens when there is not a clear vision for the church people will attach the vision to a place or building, a personality, a group of people and sometimes even a program. God tells us in the Bible that the vision for the church is to make disciples, which essentially means to make […]

What Do We Value at Foothills?

Seth Godin says that “all the promises & explanations in the world pale in comparison with what you do…words keep getting cheaper, which makes action more valuable than ever.” The actions I’m referring to this morning come from our values. Our values are intended to permeate everything we do as a church. Our values here […]

The Aim of Christian Ministry & How We Intend To Do It

By God’s grace, we hope and pray to see men & women become mature followers of Jesus as we see them Worship God at our weekly gathering, Grow as they connect with a Growth Group, use their gifts and talents to Serve the church and those outside the church and be Equipped to more faithfully […]