Celebrating Another Year of Thanksgiving Bags

Last month, we participated in the annual Thanksgiving Food Bag Drive to collect food for families who would not otherwise have a Thanksgiving meal. Through the generosity of the people from Foothills Baptist, we collected 121 bags to give away. The number of bags donated to Rio Vista from all participating organizations was over 1,000.

While we give a majority of the bags directly to Rio Vista, we have a few crews from Foothills deliver the bags personally to the families.

One of those teams was comprised of Russell Young and his family. Russell and company delivered two bags to two individual families who live very close to Rio Vista. Each of the women from the families were lovely and allowed Russell and his family to pray with them before they left. It was a great opportunity to share Christ’s love and share their faith as well.

“As a family, we found the day to be a benefit to both the families we served as well as our own. We were blessed to know we were able to help others, while better understanding, if we didn’t understand it already, how God has blessed us beyond what we deserve.”

Thank you to all who participated and gave so generously to provide a Thanksgiving meal for others, but more than that, demonstrated the generosity of Christ.