Celebrating Our Graduating Seniors

Graduating Seniors

High School plays a huge part in all of our lives. Graduation is the exclamation point at the end of four years of hard work! Now it’s time to celebrate. This past Sunday we set aside a few moments in our service to recognize the accomplishments of our graduating seniors. Now, we would like to share more about each of them.

As they end one chapter of their lives, a new one is set to begin. As a church, we want to support this new season in their lives. Join us as we celebrate the class of 2016!

Foothills Graduating Seniors

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-1eer096′]Ben Bitzko[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-1diqbca’]Ben Bitzko
High School: Horizon Community Learning Center
Parents: Larry & Janet Bitzko
College Plans: Northwestern University
A little more about Ben: An accomplished musician. Will study both music and engineering at NW’ern. He’s the youngest of four boys in his family and their final high school graduate.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-1b1oie2′]Chloe Burress-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-1a4z64q’]Chloe Burress
High School: Desert Vista
Parents: Rick & Susan Burress
A little more about Chloe: Loves art and design. Spending this upcoming year narrowing down a passion that she can pursue in the near future.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-g1hpm’]
Luke Ottinger-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-16pasmy’]Luke Ottinger
High School: Marcos de Niza
Parents: Bill & Becky Lynn Ottinger
College Plans: Scottsdale Community College
A little more about Luke: Political Science & Communications. Also active in community theater and state choir. Is excited about the newness that college brings and to see how his relationship with Christ matures as he receives more autonomy and responsibility.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-13zehmy’]
Nathaniel Chan-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-13fw456′]Nathaniel Chan
High School: Desert Vista
Parents: Chris & Stella Chan
College Plans: Arizona State University
A little more about Nathaniel: Track, downhill skateboarding. Will be majoring in Urban Planning.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-11iem4q’]
Matthew Watkins-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-yx9cje’]Matthew Watkins
High School: Desert Vista
Parents: Mike & Carole Watkins
College Plans: University of Arizona
A little more about Matthew: Matthew likes computers and anything tech related. Also has great mediator skills he’s developed as a sibling of two sisters.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-xnjwfe’]
Molly Watkins-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-whl9pm’]Molly Watkins
High School: Desert Vista
Parents: Mike & Carole Watkins
College Plans: ASU
A little more about Molly: I’m looking forward to attending ASU and studying political sciences and taking part in the Drama and Art programs they have there.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-uga5zu’]
Rachel Watkins-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-snxune’]Rachel Watkins
High School: Desert Vista
Parents: Mike & Carole Watkins
College Plans: University of Arizona
A little more about Rachel: Rachel has a passion for health and the human body and is looking forward to a new season of life in Tucson.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-qouhay’]
Brock Bell
[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-q3fioa’]Brock Bell
High School: Mountain Pointe
Parents: Jay & Laura Bell
College Plans: State College of Florida
A little more about Brock: Going to Florida to play baseball. It’s the same school his older brother and former student, Brantley, played at. He is a pitcher & plays 3rd base.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-o8tjii’]
Joseph Grosjean-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-lreg62′]Joseph Grosjean
High School: Horizon Community Learning Center
Parents: Joe & Chris Grosjean
College Plans: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
A little more about Joseph: His dad is a pilot which explains his love of planes. He’s an Eagle Scout and troop leader in Boy Scouts. Studying aeronautical engineering at Embry Riddle.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-k7kf22′]
Justin Goldman-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-jrguuy’]Justin Goldman
High School: Desert Vista
Parents: Howard & Christy Goldman
College Plans: Community College
A little more about Justin: Enjoys music production and graphic design. After graduation, I’d like to save money so I can travel outside of the United States and see some of the world.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-1p9d3u’]
Jake Roberts-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-fl8ri2′]Jake Roberts
High School: Desert Vista
Parents: Garry & Kelley Roberts
College Plans: University of Arizona
A little more about Jake: He’s looking forward to studying pre-med and the increased autonomy and responsibility that college will bring his way.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-eajqiy’]
Georgie Miller-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-16nkga’]Georgie Miller
High School: Desert Vista
Parents: Bill & Belva Miller
College Plans: NAU
A little more about Georgie: Anthropology major. Looking forward to staying in AZ but in a different climate and near the trails at Snow Bowl.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-an7are’]
Kohlson Moore-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-9vsacq’]Kohlson Moore
High School: Desert Vista
Parents: Dell & Laura Moore
College Plans: Oregon State University
A little more about Kohlson: Kohlson will be moving to the Pacific Northwest to study medicine at Oregon State University. Corvallis includes personal history for Kohlson as it’s where his parents met and married.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-6sw37u’]
Gabi Oliveira-bio[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-69gi16′]Gabi Oliveira
High School: Desert Vista
Parents: Paulo & Denise Porfirio
College Plans: Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Hobby: listen music and cook.
Career path: Study Economy or Business
Something fun: teach Portuguese to my friends.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-4ffbbu’]
Zaskia Schulz
[/av_one_third][av_two_third av_uid=’av-2xevbu’]Zaskia Schulz
High School: Mountain Pointe High School
Parents: Floyd & Cynthia
College Plans: University of Cape Town
A little more about Zaskia: Zaskia is looking forward to moving back to South Africa to attend college, meet new friends, and reconnect with her home town.[/av_two_third]