Deacon Nomination Form

Please pray and seek the Lord’s wisdom (James 1:5) concerning the recommendation of an individual to serve as a deacon.

Please read carefully the qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

Please evaluate the individual’s character and their ministry at Foothills given the aforementioned qualifications listed in Timothy and ask the question, “Does the individual I would like to recommend as a deacon meet the description as outlined in Paul’s letter?”

Currently Serving as Deacons:

Larry Bitzko – Projects
Jessie Sandoval – Ushers
Janet Bitzko – Ministry Safe
Steve Shook – Sunday Set Up
Susan Burress – Assimilation

Greg Nelson – Hospital Care
Lonnie Hendrix – Widow Care
Paul Nation – Lord’s Supper
Randy Williams – Baptism
Kris Lindma – Security

Robert Bosfield – Foyer
John Martin – Benevolence
Ken Boeckler – Chairman

Deacon Nomination