East Asia Trip Update

A small team is currently in East Asia where they are assisting with the ongoing gospel-ministry taking place among college students at a local university. Here is an update from one of the team members, David G.

Nǐ hǎo!

Our team arrived as scheduled, Sunday night near midnight (East Asia time). The only travel hiccup so far has been a delayed suitcase, which should be arriving Tuesday afternoon. Everyone is healthy and we are thankful for western toilets in our hotel room. The weather is identical to Phoenix’s forecast this week – solidarity.

On Sunday we met with the Organization’s Sunday group. 20 brothers & sisters in a small city apartment filled with the Spirit. We heard a message from a leader of the largest HC network in the country, translated by a young national brother. We arrived on campus Sunday night and spent Monday connecting with new friends. Already we’ve had great conversations and begun to build trust and acceptance. Please ask the Father for favor on our behalf with our new friends. Two weeks is a long time on one hand, yet it is a very short time when starting new friendships.

A different member of our team will write each post, so you’ll get to hear about each person’s unique experience. I had a great conversation yesterday with a new friend, Karl. During our conversation, we talked about dating, marriage and success. He expressed general dissatisfaction in his culture’s systems and thought that America could offer him better opportunity. We had a great conversation about meaning, being content, and where satisfaction can be found. Seeds have already been planted and we are watering them in many of these relationships, including Karl. Please lift him up today after you finish reading this. Belief is a long process. Our aim is to take students 1-2 steps closer to Jesus than they were before, knowing the long-term workers are involved long after we leave.