Elders and the Church

This message was preached for the Installation of our first Elder Team.

The Elders are responsible to shepherd the flock of God. How are they to do this?

  • They must protect the Church from the onslaught of false teaching and teachers that Christians are exposed to in our culture, though receiving resistance in that ministry.
  • They must feed the flock. Elders aren’t elders if they don’t teach the Gospel to the Church. They must lead the flock. Elders lead the Church, not only to nourishment in the Word, but in a direction that will make for a healthy church for God’s glory.
  • They must care for the flock. Care for them in their hurts and brokenness; in their sickness and needs.
  • They must give oversight to the church – administering the ministry of the church, but pastoring the church first.
  • The heaviest responsibility – be examples to the flock. Live like a Christian in front of the people and the culture, demonstrating what a Christian does when criticized, hurt, or discouraged, or  don’t know what to do. Provide an example in your devotional life. Neglect this and you will strip yourself of the Holy Spirit’s power in ministry.

Scripture: 1 Peter 5:1-4