Foothills Summertime Footprint!

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” The best news in the world! The Apostle Paul wrote those words in Romans 10, but he immediately wrestles with this problem – “how will they call on him if they don’t believe, or believe if they’ve never heard, or hear unless someone tells them, and how will someone go and tell unless someone sends them?” It’s a problem. But he finishes with these words – “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News!”

Did you know that Foothills will have an amazing, gospel footprint made by beautiful feet this summer? It starts in May with our Go Project to China – led by David Gantenbein. It’s followed by two Student driven mission projects with Light of Life, our Middle School Choir headed to Humboldt, AZ and Living Water, our High School Choir, serving in Detroit, MI in June. It continues with hundreds of kids from our community taking over our facilities in July during VBS.

You may not go or serve in any of these projects, but as a member/attender of Foothills, you can leave your own gospel footprint on these projects this summer as a sender! Your consistent prayers, generous giving and words of encouragement to workers, leaders and participants express the heart of this church as we “Go” with the Good News to our neighbors and the nations! So, why not check out these projects online at our website, write a note to a participant or leader and pray that the Good News would reach many and God would be glorified!