Giving and Receiving the Scriptures

Once again in Acts we see the Apostles proclaiming the gospel. And we see people respond much the same way as we have, some are persuaded and some are jealous and create so much conflict that the Apostolic team has to pivot to another place.

But in the midst of these verses, we don’t just see Paul give out the Scriptures, we learn something of his method for proclaiming the gospel, and we don’t just see how people respond, we learn something about how and why we should engage with the Scriptures, and the gospel.

How do we read and engage with the Bible? Does this passage teach us anything about how we should read and engage with the Bible? There is a stark contrast in the way people engage with and receive the Scriptures in this text. Where do we fall? And why should we engage with the Bible? Why should we read it, study it, and seek by the power of the spirit to respond to it as it is – the authoritative word of God.

Scripture: Acts 17:1-15