Grace Enough for Everyone

This text is about how the gospel penetrates a new people – the Gentiles. It shows us the conversion of Cornelius, a Roman Centurion and his household. But it also shows us the conversion of Peter, the Apostle, and the Church.

First, God converts Peter through a vision that His grace is enough for everyone. And when the Spirit falls on the Gentiles and Peter gives an account of how it happened to the antagonistic Jewish believers in Jerusalem, God converts them as well. So that they all begin to understand and grasp that the gospel is for everyone!

There are many points of application for us, but primarily it’s an issue of our hearts. It’s sinful human nature to discriminate against others for all sorts of reasons. This text challenges us to identify and repent of our prejudices and calls us to not only be grateful recipients of God’s grace, but gracious sharers of His grace is enough for everyone!

Scripture: Acts 9:31-11:18; Galatians 3:28