Introducing Dennis Newkirk, Interim Pastor for Preaching

Immediately after we learned that Pastor Nate would leave Foothills to take a role with NAMB in Indiana the Pastoral Team began to pray and plan for our next steps in transition as a church. Per step one, we considered possible men to serve as our Interim Pastor for Preaching. We reviewed their experience in ministry, had conversations, considered their availability and watched several sermons. Today, the Pastoral Team is pleased to announce that Dennis Newkirk will serve as our Interim Pastor for Preaching beginning Sunday, February 3, 2019.

Dennis is the recently retired Pastor of Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Edmund, OK, where he served for 25 years. Prior to that, he served as a Pastor in TN, MO and CA. He is a graduate of GCU, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and California Graduate School of Theology. Marcia is an RN, and over the last 25 years, she has mentored wives of Pastors.

Both Dennis and Marcia are Phoenicians, and enjoying “retirement” here as the Founders of the Pastor Support Network, where they provide mentoring, counseling and other support to Pastors, Ministry families and churches.

As the Interim Pastor for Preaching, Dennis will serve Foothills as the primary preacher in Worship. At the same time, having led Henderson Hills through their transition to become an Elder Led-Deacon Served-Congregationally Governed Church, his experience and insight will be an invaluable asset to the Pastors and Foothills as we move through our own transition.

The Pastoral Team is grateful for God’s providential provision of Dennis Newkirk at this time in the life of our church. Please pray for Dennis and Marcia as they begin their service with us.