Lottie Moon: Relentless Love

Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a huge city, yet God sets His affections on individuals and pursues them personally. That’s a reality that two young women serving there find overwhelming. They see that God’s unfailing love is breaking down barriers and changing hearts.

Every Church. Every Nation.

Lottie Moon is the name given to the international missions offering we participate in every Christmas. Lottie was just like today’s missionaries, laboring tirelessly to tell people about Jesus.

Your contribution to the Lottie Moon Offering will provide direct funding to real people who are doing the physical work of delivering the gift of Jesus to people who don’t know him. This is a gift that changes the world… literally.

You call Foothills your church. As such, your challenge is to contribute financially to the same work Lottie dedicated her life to. Your time to do so will be Sunday, December 9.

Our Goal for 2018 = $40,000

There are opportunities to physically do the work of Jesus and there are opportunities to fund the work of Jesus. The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is our way to fund the work of Jesus.

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