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Elder Candidates

As we read the Scripture, we believe that God has ordered his church to be led by a team of elders and served by deacons. The elders/pastors lead the church to carry out her mission in the world, preach/teach the Scripture, care for the church family and protect them from error. They are accountable to God for the way in which they serve, and should be of such integrity and faith that if the church follows them, she will be healthier for it.

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Elder News

Foothills Church Family, On Sunday, December 23, Pastor Nate announced he will resign his position as Lead Pastor at Foothills.

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Lottie Moon: Relentless Love

Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a huge city, yet God sets His affections on individuals and pursues them personally. That’s a reality that two young women serving there find overwhelming. They see that God’s unfailing love is breaking down barriers and changing hearts.

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Lottie Moon: Open Heart

Larry Pepper had his dream job, but one day he realized he hadn’t offered his career to God. As he put everything on the table for the sake of the gospel, God led his family on an adventure he could’ve never imagined.

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