Our Biggest Church Outreach Event!

“The biggest outreach event of the church!” That’s one way to describe Vacation Bible School 2018. Lifeway Research discovered that 69% of American parents, churched and unchurched, would encourage their children to attend Vacation Bible School if they were invited by a friend. And that’s just what we did – we invited, and they came!

We had about 280 kids on campus each day of Vacation Bible School. Of those, 44 indicated that they did not attend church. So for five days those unchurched kids, along with the kids from Foothills and other churches, were able to hear the Gospel – that God loves them, that they sinned, that Jesus came and lived a perfect life and died on the cross for their sins, that Jesus rose from the dead and offers us forgiveness if we believe in him. We were able to have one-on-one conversations with many of them, and some children made professions of faith!

We also took a mission team to our local church plant partner, Mercy Hill Church, to help them conduct their very first Vacation Bible School. Although Mercy Hill numbers may have been much smaller than on our campus, the eternal impact is just as significant. Mercy Hill made connections with families they hadn’t previously had contact with. Some of the local children were so excited to come to Vacation Bible School, they walked to church each night just so they could be there. Our team ministered to these kids by leading them in songs, crafts, recreation, and Bible study. Once again, the kids heard the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our team also found ways to love and encourage our partners at Mercy Hill. While Vacation Bible School was happening, team members did things like cleaned bathrooms, cleaned out rooms that can now be used for Sunday School, helped clean up after a food distribution event, and just love on our partners. We were able to hear their pastors’ dreams and their passion for reaching their community for Christ.

Each week as we leave worship service, we close with, “We’ve been the church in here, now go be the church out there.” Both of these Vacation Bible Schools are great examples of Foothills people being “the church out there!”

Photos from this years Vacation Bible School

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