Prayer Points: April

In Colossians 1:10 Paul prays that the Colossian believers would walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. One of the ways we can walk in a worthy manner is by going to God in prayer. In fact, one of the questions we want to regularly keep before us is “Have I met with God today?” and one way we do that is through prayer.

Here are some Prayer Points Pastor Nate Millican wanted to pass your way:

  1. Every year on Easter (or Resurrection Day) we have a tremendous opportunity to engage people who are typically a little more spiritually inclined by inviting them to our place of worship. Let’s pray for one another in the Foothills family that we would be bold in our interactions with people.
  2. On April 22nd – 23rd (the week after Easter) we’re having a marriage conference called Better Together. Would you take a moment and pray that Jesus would use the speaker Danny Akin to encourage, challenge and refresh our hearts; that God would bring the people to the marriage conference that need to be there; that walls would be brought down and Jesus would build up their relationship to be one that honors and pleases Him and that couples would see and savor the goodness of following God’s way, not their way.
  3. Pray for several individuals of our church family that are going to be heading to South East Asia in the coming weeks. Please pray that God would give them favor as they share with Muslims the power of Jesus, as seen in the gospel message.
  4. Last one (promise!) — pray that the intentionality we typically exemplify the days and weeks leading up to Easter would characterize our lives the weeks and months after Easter. Let’s not let up Foothills — let’s be diligent to engage people around us.