Prayer Points: December

What is prayer? My bride and I routinely remind our kids that prayer (among many things) is simply having a conversation with God. So how do we have a conversation with God? May I recommend to you talking to God using His Word? Try praying through Psalm 24 – let me give you several prompts.

  • Praise God for his sovereignty (control or power) over the earth and all of the people that fill it (vv. 1-2).
  • Praise God for his holiness and how he is completely righteous and pure (vv. 3-4).
  • Confess to God instances in your life where your life does not reflect God and the way in which he’s called you to walk (vv. 3-4).
  • Thank God, that despite our sinfulness, we can “ascend the hill of the Lord” (i.e. worship him rightly) because of the provision of his son Jesus.
  • Ask God to incline your heart to see him all of your days (v. 6).
  • Praise God that you personally know who is the King of glory (vv. 7-10)!