Prayer Points: February

Just a brief reminder (I promise!): Here are Dr. Chuck Lawless’ four points from his sermon on prayer that I pray will be a good reminder to pray:

  • If we follow Jesus, then prayer should be in our DNA.
  • We need to pray proactively about temptation.
  • We must trust God in prayer, even through the toughest times of our lives.
  • We must long to talk with the One who prays for us everyday.

In light of his words, let me encourage you to pray through each of those truths with these prompts:

  1. Father, would you please incline my heart to see that prayer is vital to a relationship? Father, may I be increasingly dependent upon You.
  2. Father, as the hymn “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” declares, “prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, prone to leave the God I love,” I too sense my heart wandering from a love and pursuit of Your truth. So, keep me and daily deliver me from myself! Father, I am also deeply grateful that my faith isn’t an emotion You evaluate by its intensity but my faith is only as good as the object in whom I’m trusting. Father, I am trusting in Your Son Jesus.
  3. Merciful God, there are many in our faith-family, as well as in our extended network of family and friends who are struggling to hear and see Your hand in their life; many are discouraged and have lost hope and some might even be apathetic. May You use Your Word and their community of believers to comfort, and encourage them in this difficult time. May they, despite the real hardships they’re going through, keep their hearts on You, Jesus.
  4. Father, if I’m being transparent with You, much of my day goes by and I don’t think to talk to You, let alone long to do so. May I see the incredible gift You’ve given me in talking to You, and may I take more and more moments throughout my day to simply praise You for who You are, confess sin to You, express thanksgiving for all that You’re doing, and lastly, to intercede on behalf of others, following my Savior and King who does the same for me.