Prayer Points: January

Christians have often acknowledged that they feel like prayer is taking a break from truly doing the work of the Lord. And yet, when we read the Scriptures we see that prayer is the work! In fact, the apostles in Acts 6 distilled their responsibility down to preaching the word and prayer. Prayer is a big deal! To that end, here’s some short prompts to pray through the month of January:

  • Thank God for inclining the hearts of the people of Foothills to give to the Lottie Moon Offering (international missions) where we surpassed our goal of $50k and gave $59,336! God, You are to be praised!
  • With regards to our mission statement of seeking to “Engage people to put Jesus first for the sake of others” God, would You please help me to honestly assess 1) where I am in faith in You and 2) how I’m doing in taking my faith in leaning into the lives of others. God, help me, by Your grace, take steps to be more faithful in going deep in my knowledge and application of Your Word and then giving it away to others.
  • Father, in this New Year would You grant me a burden to daily immerse myself in Your Word and spend time talking with You? Father, would 2018 please be a year where I grow in intimacy with You?
  • God, may I grow in my commitment to exemplify the qualities of good friendship to those around me. Father, would You give me 2-3 good friends who I give the freedom to speak into my life and vice versa — because God my wisdom is always limited and my perspective is always skewed — I need people to speak into my life. Thank You, Father.