Prayer Points: July

Prayer is a cry for relationship and a commitment of dependence. — Dr. Chuck Lawless

Personal prompts:

  1. Given the recent series on heaven, ask God to expose any areas in your life where you can more faithfully live a “heavenly minded” life.
  2. What joy, peace and comfort of soul we have in the promises of Jesus! Praise God for His unflinching faithfulness and covenant love He has poured out on you because of His Son Jesus!
  3. Thank God that though this world is passing away (1 John 2:17), those that do the will of God will abide with Him forever.

Foothills prompts:

  1. Ask God that the seeds of gospel truth that were shared this week at Vacation Bible School would sprout to saving faith in many hearts.
  2. Praise God for the many individuals who helped to make Vacation Bible School happen. VBS is an example of the church being the church!
  3. Ask God that throughout my sermon on July 15, people’s hearts would be pricked and they would come to understand the truth of Jesus and make a commitment to follow Him.