Prayer Points: June

Prayer is a crucial part of your Christian walk. It is during these times when you seek God that you are able to build a stronger relationship with Him. When you pray, God listens. When you pray, God speaks to you. When you pray, God answers.

Prayer is powerful and for that reason, we encourage you to pray. Specifically, we want you to pray for our church. If you have ever wondered how you could be praying for your Foothills family, I have put together a few requests I would love to ask you to pray for.

This month in Nate’s Prayer Points I want to encourage you to focus on the following:

  1. Pray for our ministries to kids and students:
    • Kids Camp (6.12 – 6.16)
    • World Changers with Middle School students (6.18 – 6.24)
    • Student Camp with High School students (7.3 – 8.8). Pray that student’s hearts would be stirred to believe and follow Jesus and that our adult leaders would have fruitful conversations with those in attendance.
  2. One of Foothills’ measures is “Am I seeking forgiveness and forgiving others as needed?” Ask God to search out your heart (Psalm 139:23) and expose any area of your life where you need to live out this measure. Christians are forgiven people! Thank God for the forgiveness you have in Jesus (i.e. pray) and ask Him for grace to live out this measure — this is a tough one!