Saturday May 20th, 2023 at Foothills Baptist Church

How did we get the Bible? Can we trust it? Can we have confidence that the manuscripts were copied and passed down correctly?

Many Christians have wondered about the answer to these questions. College students get confronted with them by students and professors alike. Unbelievers levy these sorts of problems as a reason to not embrace the faith. All of us in some capacity are confronted with these questions and it is vital for us to be able to answer them.

What is it?

Join us on Saturday, May 20th, for the Scribes & Scriptures Conference, where we will answer these questions for both the Old and New Testament. This oneday conference on the history of the Bible is conducted by the Text and Canon Institute of Phoenix Seminary. The conference provides notes as well as a glossary of terms for participants. 

Why do it? 

Help Christians and interested nonChristians understand the history of the bible. How it was copied, canonized, and translated

Equip believers to answer the questions of those who simply don’t know or are antagonistic or skeptical about the history and nature of the Bible as Scripture

Fuel a desire among believers to read and study the scriptures, fighting against biblical illiteracy in the church

Who teaches it? 

Dr. John Meade, OT/Hebrew Prof at Phoenix Seminary, Director of the Text and Canon Institute

Dr. Peter Gurry, NT Prof at Phoenix Seminary, Director of the Text and Canon Institute


The cost of registration is $35. Lunch will be provided. 


9:00AM- Session 1 with Dr. Meade

10:00AM- Session 2 with Dr. Gurry

11:00AM- Break

11:15AM- Session 3 with Dr. Meade

12:15PM- On site lunch

1:00PM- Session 4 with Dr. Gurry 

2:00PM- Q&A

Foothills Baptist Church

15450 S 21ST ST