Seize the Easter Moment

This Easter, even people who don’t normally attend church will choose to do so. And during the Easter season people with little to no Christian background will be more open to considering matters of faith. That’s why we want you to be part of Easter in Ahwatukee.

The Challenge To You and All of Foothills

On Sunday, March 8, we began asking you to identify someone in your circle of relationships who is not a Christian, pray for them and invite them to share Easter Sunday with you.

Easter in Ahwatukee isn’t about getting people to pray a prayer, increase our attendance or join our church. It’s about us joining God in what He’s already doing.

God is already at work to show himself to people around us who need him. And we believe he chooses to use us to help them see him and come to know him. The Bible says it this way, “…we are God’s fellow workers… but it is God who gives the increase.”1 Cor. 3:5-9

So imagine what would happen if we did this over the next three weeks? If we do nothing – the answer is easy. But if we do this, then some lives will be changed forever and God will smile!

How Do You See Your City?

Use an Easter in Ahwatukee invitation to help you invite that non-believing friend or co-worker. Pick one up at the Information Desk in the foyer. And let us know whom you are praying for and planning to invite. Write their name on a communication card during worship and drop it in the offering. We will pray over those names every week between now and Easter! (We prayed for over 40 names this past Monday in staff meeting!)

I pray God will use us to help our neighbors, friends and co-workers see Jesus and come to know Him this Easter!