From Conquest to Rest

Brian McCoy


October 17, 2021

In chapters 11-12, we move from the 7 years of conquest to rest. From the fight to take the land, to the people beginning to move into their inheritance. And along the way we see four things:

Resistance is real – 11:1-5; The resistance to God’s will and ways at work in the world would have overwhelmed Israel if they were on their own, and the same is true for us today. Never underestimate the deadly trio of the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

God’s help is sufficient – 11:6-15; Uncertainty brings fear, our own gifts can get in the way of God’s work, and God’s servants obey His word

Inheritance requires perseverance – 11:16-28; Sanctification rarely happens in a moment, but “little by little.” Exodus 23; Hazor, Ai, and Jericho are little models of God’s judgment against sin coming in the end. God hardens our hearts when we persist in our sins by withdrawing His restraining grace, allowing the darkness and debauchery of our sin to take over our hearts and minds. Our most dreadful fears are subject to God’s power

Victory on Display – 12; This chapter is like a victory banner raised to celebrate God’s faithfulness to bring His people into their inheritance; it is the written record of His promises kept. The defeat of all those kings reminds us that God will defeat every enemy, and the campaign of Joshua is a preview of the campaign of Jesus to win our inheritance. The defeat of those kings is the pledge, the foreshadowing of Christ’s coming to bring in His kingdom.

Scripture: Revalation 11:15; Philippians 2:12-13; Hebrews 3:15; Romans 1; Exodus 23; Numbers 33; Deuteronomy 20; Psalm 20

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