How to Pray When You Hurt

Brian McCoy


June 12, 2022

The Psalms cover the range of human emotions and experiences. Joy, thanksgiving, praise, and even lament. About a third of the Psalms wrestle with pain and hard questions. They are the Spirit-breathed record of God at work in our suffering and they’re meant to shape our thinking and feeling in the midst of pain.

If you’ve asked questions like, “God, where are you?” “If you love me, why is this happening?” “How long will this go on?” You’ve lamented.

Psalm 5 is David’s lamenting the fierce rebellion Absalom was leading against him. David’s Psalm of lament teaches us that when people or circumstances in this fallen world cause you pain, turn to God, bring Him your complaints, make bold requests, and entrust yourself to Him as the righteous Judge and your one true refuge.

Scripture: Psalms 3-7, 1-2; Rom. 3:13; 2 Samuel 13-18

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