I Am Less

Brian McCoy


January 9, 2022

“You do you” is a popular statement that’s meant to be an encouragement to not let anyone press you into meeting their expectations of who you should be or what you should do. But if you think about what it means, “you do you” means you are more important than anyone or anything else. That everyone and everything exists to serve your interests and ambitions.

Far from encouraging followers of Jesus with a “you do you,” Paul exhorts the Philippians to a different way of living – to do nothing from selfish ambition or out of conceit, but in humility, to count others more significant than yourself, to look out not only for your own interests but also for the interest of others.

But why should we do that in a world that works in the opposite way, and how is it possible when even our own hearts fight it? We believe one of the marks of a disciple is “I Am Less,” and the question we ask ourselves is this, “How am I putting myself aside for the sake of others?”

Scripture: Philippians 2:1-11; Acts 16

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