Jesus: Defendant, Prosecutor, Savior

Brian McCoy


March 27, 2022

John 5 starts with a miracle and ends in a trial. The Jews persecute Jesus and want to kill Him. Jesus makes His opening statement in v19-29. Then He calls four witnesses to back up the three assertions He’s made about Himself: the Father, John the Baptist, His Works, the Scriptures. Then Jesus becomes the prosecutor and puts the Jews and us in the jury box and exposes two barriers (our popularity, our hope) that keep people from believing in Him for eternal life, and that hinder believers from living the abundant life to which He’s called us.

In this specific text, I am taken by the righteous boldness of Jesus in the face of those who want to kill Him, but also His deep compassion and desire to save the lost, even those who want to take His life.

Scripture: John 5:30-47

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